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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  May 3, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> the 800,000 people who have to work for it. the lowest labor participation in 45 years. >> yeah, yeah. >> "special report" is maybe not next. have a great weekend. it is next. i'm eric shaun. welcome. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news this hour, pro-russian militants releasing foreign observers, but dead levi less than continues in eastern ukraine. the latest on the crisis in ukraine coming up. and have you heard about the nation's unemployment rate? it's fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis. great news, right? well, there happens to be a little more to that story and just ahead, we'll explain. plus, in the face of student protests, former secretary of
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state condoleeza rice makes a decision about giving the commencement speech at rutgers. we'll tell what you she's saying now. right now there is growing backlash and controversy over benghazi. john boehner announcing the formation of a select committee that will investigate this as another key panel issuing a subpoena to secretary of state john kerry. he's expected to testify before that panel in three weeks. all this as those newly released e-mails are raising even more questions about the obama administration's response to that terrible terrorist attack. doug mcelway live with the very latest on everything. >> reporter: new headline may be emerging from bret baier's interview thursday with tommy vietor. he admits to having made significant changes to the talking points, adding references to cairo and protests and possibly changing the wording attacks to
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demonstrations. catherine herridge points out that that conflicts directly with the testimony of former deputy c.i.a. director mike moral, that only technical changes were made. listen up. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this was like two years ago. we're still talking about -- >> dude, it is the thing that everybody is talking about. >> we're talking about the process of editing talking points. that's what bureaucrats do all day long. >> that and the release of this key ben rose e-mail is what is sparking the gop's move to a select committee. >> when you have someone who is supposed to be a professional communications person sounding like jeff spicoli talking to bret baier the other night august the word dude and when you have jay carney trying to say that it was not p referring
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to benghazi, they've been gasping a lot this week. >> harry reid blasted the decision for a select benghazi committee as an election year stunt. he said, quote, for republicans to waste the american people's time and money staging a partisan political circus instead of focusing on the middle class is simply a bad decision. recent fox news poll suggests otherwise. it shows that 61-26%, voters believe the white house is trying to cover up what happened in benghazi rather than being open and transparent. those views are mostly unchanged since last year. eric? >> those new hearings expected to start within weeks. thank you. we're going to get you to the crisis in ukraine. just a few hours ago, international military observers arriving safely in german. happy to report. this is after being held for more than a week by pro-russian separatists. fierce fighting between government supporters and
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pro-russian forces leaving dozens killed and dozens more injured. leeland vittert has more. >> reporter: arrest they will, the only bit of good news was the release of the international observers. they appear to be in good health and good spirits after what must have been a harrowing ordeal. meanwhile, ukrainian military has picked up their fight against these pro-russian militias. what was a fight against an insurgency now ams to be something verging on a civil war. 36 hours into their offensive, ukrainian armor personnel carriers moved in one of the pro-russia strongholds, overtaking checkpoints, television station, and also a government building that had been occupied by the pro-russian separatists. they were not able to push their way into the main stronghold, where pro-russian separatists militias are dug in and well armed of the the violence is spreading south and west toward odessa. they're 30-plus people died and many more were injured in
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running street battles between police, demonstrators and separatists. the pro-russians ended up in a main building, taking refuge from the violence. soon the building was in flames and people were jumping from the windows. ukrainians blame russian military and intelligence officers for sparking the violence. moscow calls the latest ukrainian crackdown a crime and say they are getting thousands of calls from russian citizens, russian speakers and ethnic russians here in eastern ukraine asking for their help. of course, the fear is that help will come in the form of those 40,000-plus russian troops currentsly on the border invading eastern ukraine. arthel, back to you. >> thank you very much. all of that marking the most serious day of violence since february when more than 80 people were killed during protests against the country's now ousted president. back here at home, clinton may not have yet made up her mind if she's running for
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president in 2016. but tim kane has. democratic national committee chairman announcing his support for mrs. clinton's potential 2016 presidential run. i announced his endorsement in south carolina. the senator saying, quote, she's the right person for the job. i'll be starting my fifth year in the senate on earring's day 2017. she's the partner i know i'll wants to be working with in the white house on all fronts. >> story about another former secretary of state, condoleeza rice, deciding not to deliver the commencement address at rutgers university in new jersey. in a statement, she says her involvement had become, quote, a distraction for the university communities. this comes after some students and faculty had held protests over her role in the iraq war. they say mrs. rice bore some responsibilities for the war as a member of the bush
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administration. the school originally planned to pay the former secretary $35,000 for her commencement speech. arthel, in los angeles, the woman who shook up the nba by recording those racist comments made by the owner of the l.a. clippers says there is more from where that came from. donald sterling's companion says she has hours of similar conversations on tape. she also says that mr. sterling is not a racist. dominic dinatale with the latest on this. hi, dominic. >> reporter: hey there. she does say he's not a racist, but then doesn't make herself exactly clear about where he stands himself when it comes to his own prejudices. she witness on air on friday night on abc's "20/20", examples inclusive interview with barbara walters. the beginning of the week look very different. it was quite an interview.
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there was quite a lot that she went through. most important thing was saying she does believe that sterling isn't a racist, but you do know she went on to say other things as well that contradict that. take a listen. >> i wanted to get him to see what he was doing to me, what he was doing to himself. a lot of the times i would overemphasize and be cynical because he just didn't get it. he couldn't understand my view or the views of those around us. >> reporter: she believes the reason for that was that sterling was from a different generation. he's 80 years old and been brought up to believe those particular things, as she described it, when it comes to race. she says sterling struggles to some ex tents to differentiate between what is socially acceptable now in terms of the issue and race. so we haven't heard from sterling himself this week. we were expecting an apology at some points, but that doesn't
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appear to be coming. the magazine on line said they had spoken to him and he's expressed some regreat in the way the scandal came to light. the only thing they could get of him was a single quote and he wished he had paid her off. >> we expect that vote by the nba owners about ousting sterling perhaps later this coming week. thank you. arthel? >> there is new fallout from the v.a. medical center scandal in phoenix. three executives of the hospital placed on administrative leave as an investigation continues into allegations of corruption and dozens of unnecessary deaths at the facility. elizabeth ran has more. >> officials at the phoenix vets rans affairs center are at least temporarily out of a job as investigatessors work to see if at least 40 former servicemen died waiting for care. the department of veterans affairs releasing a statement
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acknowledging system director sharon hellman, associate director lance robinson, and a third employee have been placed on leave. accusations are at least 1600 sick veterans waited months to see a physician. doctors say the first whistle blower said the hospital is understaffed underfunded. his testimony is similar to dr. mitchell. mitchell describes an environment of intimidation against anyone who challenged hospital leadership. she has provided a list she says to the arizona republic with records showing the hospital was using a secret list to hide the long wait times. >> across the country, there are physician after physician that i'm aware of who have tried to speak up for patient safety care issues and have either gotten retaliated against by having their proficiencies dropped, transferred or removed. >> reporter: some lawmakers threatsened a congressional
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subpoena for the records if the v.a. does not comply. phoenix officials say they take this serious will he and invite the inspector general to investigates. arthel, back to you. >> i'll take it. the death toll we have to tell you is now rising in afghanistan. that after a massive landslide has consumed an entire town. we'll have this latest on this heart breaking and developing story next. former president george w. bush is showing support for america's wounded warriors. it's become an annual event for a very good cause. we will take you there. plus, ed henry's heated benghazi back and forth that he had with press secretary jay carney. >> why is it not -- we just dew points know, we're investigating it? >> do you need a copy of the c.i.a. talk points. >> you can read them out. >> much to your disappointment
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time for a check of the headlines. president obama will be going to arkansas on wednesday to survey the damage from the deadly killer storms earlier last week. senator mark pryor saying he will visit some of the communities devastated by the tornado. this will be the president's first trip to that state since he's become president. rescue crews in afghanistan abandoning the search for survivors and focusing on more than 4,000 victims displaced by the disaster there. two catastrophic landslides buried a town and has left more than 2,000 people dead. the first u.s. case of a potentially deadly illness has been discovered in indiana. say it was brought here by a patient recently come from saudi arabia. the case does not pose any major health risk to the public.
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the white house now facing growing backlash over newly released benghazi e-mails. john boehner announcing the formation of a special committee and a new investigation. this as the house oversight committee issues a subpoena for secretary of state john kerry to testify at a hearing later this months. tammy bruce, radio talk show host, dog schoen, former advisor to president bill clinton, both are here. good to see you both. >> hi there. >> hi. >> tammy, i'm going to start with you. so it's my understanding that you are told that speaker boehner had plans for a select committee already in the works. so the new e-mail revelation is not the starting point. is that correct? >> yeah. apparently it wasn't the kind of the first push. it was simply the trigger, which is why we heard about tray gowdy very quickly.
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people should expect this to move quickly, which is good news and frankly even for the white house it's good news. it will give them a chance, hillary a chance and everybody involved to clear themselves or to explain things in a larger context. at the same time, they don't participate, if they think what difference does it make, then at least when the gop takes the senate, as me -- >> let's see. we can't get ahead. we're assuming they're going to show up. doug, how necessary is the select committee and upcoming hearing where secretary kerry has been subpoenaed to testify? >> i would say very sadly, arthel, it is necessary. look, i know as the white house says there has been numerous hearings and investigations, but there is still unanswered questions. to me, equally important to the e-mails that were released today -- i'm sorry, last week -- are the questions raised by general lovell about the response of the state department
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and the response of the u.s. government immediately after the attack on benghazi became clear. we need to figure out where the talking points came from. we need to figure out why the white house did not see this immediately as the terrorist attack that almost certainly was. we need to know who was doing what and when -- where was the president and what was the role of the national security advisor, tom donnellan. >> you pointed out key questions that the committee might try to discover from mr. kerry's testimony, that perhaps may not have been uncovered during the extensive and sometimes heated hearings with then secretary clinton. do you feel that there will be some actual answers this time? >> i don't know if there will be answers, but the same questions that existed literally a couple of days after this tragedy still exist. i think most people of both parties -- look, i'm a democrat -- believe answers are more important than partisan receipts rick.
3:20 pm
>> tammy, doug makes a really good point. if this is purely about getsing answers to some very important questions, how should the hearings be conducted in order to get clear answers and keep the proceeding honest and believable? >> well, the republicans have been really holding back on even issuing a select committee. boehner did wait until there was something very specific like a particular e-mail that was not released to the committee that was only seen after judicial watch did a request for it. and the fact that it kind of does put the white house in the midst of something that they denied being in the midst of. so i think that the republicans understand that there is three things here. they've got to inform the public about why this matters and why it's new. they've got to really look for information and not have it be just about elections, but about really the condition of the nation. and i think that at this point, they've got a really good chance of doing that because americans are realizing that something is not what it should be. this is about not even the breaking in of a political
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office, like watergate. this is about perhaps the cover-up of four americans dying. we need to know even prior to the request and prior to the night of september 11 what was happening before that? we need answers on that as well. >> doug, tammy makes some really good points there. what do you say to what tammy just said? >> i have to underscore what tammy said. we need answers. i would urge the republicans and the democrats on the committee, but particularly the republicans, don't play politics. don't try to store rhetorical points. try to get answers to very real questions in a nonideological, nonpolitical way. put the men people first and we'll all benefit. >> that's the only way. >> the democrats, go ahead, tammy. >> the democrats also have to take that understanding because the first thing one of the things harry reid said was saying this was all about the koch brothers. the fact is both sides have to take this seriously and have
3:22 pm
respect for the americans who lost their lives. >> very good. >> tammy bruce, doug schoen, thanks towboats -- to both of you. >> i want to remind our viewers to catch bret baier's in-depth special, benghazi, white house cover-up revealed. that's tonight's at 10:00 p.m. eastern. again tomorrow night sunday night at 9:00 p.m. right here on the fox news channel. honoring service and celebrating recovery. former president george w. bush shifts into gear for his annual wounded warrior bike ride in texas every year and fox news medical a teamer dr. mark siegle also went along for the ride and spoke to the former president. >> we're here at the prairie chapel ranch in crawford, texas. president george w. bush's home. we've just concluded the warrior 100 k mountsen bike ride, the fourth annual ride where
3:23 pm
president bush honored the veterans for their sacrifice and their resilience. after the ride, i spoke to him about his feelings about the global war on terror and how the military has kept us safe. >> it's important for people to realize that freedom is the way to peace and by honoring these vets, we're honoring people who understand this. i hope freedom advances. >> he's committed to the concept of freedom and he sees it embodied in the warriors. active army, as well as the veterans working together to get up and down the hills here at the ranch. i also spoke to him about his brother, jeb bush, and about his plans on running for president. >> well, i would hope he would run. he's a wonderful man. he's not telling me what his plans are. he'll make up his mind on his own timetable. and i can't accelerate it and our mother can't accelerate it or decelerate it.
3:24 pm
we'll see what he does. he knows firsthand what it's like to run for president, in that he's seen his father and brother run. if he were to choose to run, he has no stronger supporters. >> he said he didn't think his brother would be on these trails. it was an inspiring three days here and the goal was for them to take some of this inspiration back to their daily lives as they get back to the new normal. eric? >> what a wonderful and meaningful cause. of course, dr. siegle will have a lot more on the bike ride tomorrow when he's on sunday "house call" at 12:30 and 4:30 eastern time here on the fox news channel. >> i'm going to join you as well. >> you are. >> okay. so there are some conflicting economic reports this week. the jobs market is showing signs of life, but our economy is growing at a glacial pace. we'll break down the data and how one nonprofit organization
3:25 pm
is harnessing professional talent and using them for the greater good.
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it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. gm recalling more than 50,000 suv because of faulty fuel gauges that could cause the vehicles to unexpectedly stall. gm says they'll reprogram the affected software for free. vice president joe biden says immigration is key to america's economy. vice president spoke at a college graduation in miami. again calling for a way to put millions of illegal immigrants on the path to citizenship. according to a new study, one in four ivy league college students are using adhd drugs to get through school, even though they were not diagnosed with the
3:30 pm
disorder. new job numbers out for april. they look pretty good. showing the unemployment rate dropped to 6.3%. that's the lowest level in more than five years. the nation's economy adding a higher than forecast 288,000 jobs. sounds like a lot of good news. but what happens when you dig deeper into those numbers? joining us is our guest. kyle, the unemployment rate has been going like this, which sounds like good news superficially. what does it really mean? >> i think people really need to understand that the participation rate, the amount of people dropping out of the work force in the united states is significant. what that means is that they are no longer being calculated as unemployed because they are not able to collect unemployment insurance. they are still unemployed and, in fact, there is a good proportion of them that are
3:31 pm
going toward social security disability. but here is my point, is that while the rate goes down, all it is suggesting -- i've looked at the numbers significantly -- the amount of people that are being calculated are not as high as historically they have been. >> in other words, you have millions of americans who don't have a job, can't get work, they're out of work, without a job, but they're not being counted as part of the unemployment rate. >> that's correct, because the way that the unemployment rate is calculated is with the people that are currentsly collecting unemployment. these people have collected it for the length of time that they are available to collect it, yet they are still unemployed. when you look at what's called the u 6 statistic, eric, this is a calculation of everybody that is unemployed. that rate, i am being told is closer to 13% nationally across the country. >> in fact, the labor participation rate, according to the bureau of labor statistics, is at the lowest level in 36 years. the last time it was at the rate
3:32 pm
was there was march, 1978, when jimmy carter was president. >> and that's my very point. you want to create job, you got to have a government less burdensome, regulatory environment and tax environment that is a lot more cooperative to the entrepreneur in this country, and then i believe you start to see real sustainable jobs and vitality in the u.s. economy that makes long-term sustainable sense. the other area is the keystone pipe loan. i think that unleashes a significant amount of real well-paying jobs in the united states. >> that's pretty controversial. the administration has been delaying that. let me go back to the rate for a second. even though it was 62.8, the same as now during jimmy cartser's administration, it was the highest ever, 67.3% in 2000 during president clinton's rate. it's gone down 4 1/2%. that's millions of americans who
3:33 pm
have given up. >> they're giving up. they are going back to school. they are going to what now is being defined as the underground economy, which is this $7 trillion economy that exists that is money under the table in different job sectors in the u.s. that doesn't benefit anybody in termination of paying into the social security system. so i think until you do certain things, you are going to see more and more people drop off the employment rolls. >> finally, that means i guess if you look at these numbers and they go back to 1948, it's gone down, down, down. how low can it go and what can we do about it? >> like i said, i think it continues -- i think the job market continues to be sluggish at best. let me start with that. then secondly, i think until we address some major issues from dc down with respect to tax rates and the regulatory environment currentsly in place and a lot of the small business
3:34 pm
communities, i don't see it getting any better than sluggish. >> it's heart breaking when people need jobs and want jobs and they're not there for them. so they just totally surrender and give up. kyle, thank you for your insight. >> you bet. i'll be reporting more on the job numbers tomorrow morning when i report on sunday futures with maria. she will also be sitting down with richard fisher, president and ceo of the federal reserve bank of dallas. that must mean he must know what's going on and he can explain all the numbers and the unemployment rate and overall economy tomorrow morning, sunday morning futures with maria here at 10:00 a.m. right here on the fox news channel. one nonprofit group is helping people with disabilities lead more independent lives. it's called home free home. it recruits volunteer architects and university students to design and complete renovations to homes. it's just within of the few charities in the u.s. doing this much needed work.
3:35 pm
bryan yennis with this wonderful story. give us the details. >> hi. these architects work proceed bono with the families looking to make life easy for the physically challenged loved ones because they know a simple renovation can go a long way to giving people the independence they deserve. >> he's happy and he wants to do things like a 5 1/2-year-old boy. he wants to run in puddles. if that means driving his power chair through puddle. >> reporter: their son, ray, was born with spinal muscular atrophy. despite not being able to crawl, stand up or walk, ray has divide the odds. >> as he grew, he wanted independence, so we got him a power wheel claire. he also grew to the point where he was hard to lift and carry up and down stairs. >> reporter: but two years ago, the family were introduced to home free home, a group of volunteer architects and university students who design homes to be more accessible,
3:36 pm
allowing those with disabilities to live more freely and safely at home. >> the need really is tremendous. people stay trapped in their homes just because there are three steps in the fronts of their house. >> reporter: but not ray. over the course of six months, a 600 square foot extension was added on to the family home. a wheelchair accessible bathroom and ray's very own room. this? >> my room. >> what do you love about it? >> my bed. >> reporter: perhaps a favorite is the therapy room where ray virtually connects to his local kindergarten class and where he and his older brother, ethan, can just be boys. >> it's enhanced our quality of life for our entire family. not just for ray. >> it's great for all. he's a fighter. home free home subsidized a majority of the $10,000 renovation. arthel? >> i like it a lot. thank you very much.
3:37 pm
the crisis in ukraine has intensified. a wave of more dead levi less than. up next, we'll talk to a former u.s. general about what he thinks we should be doing to try and stop the unrest and put a stop sign in front of putin. and senator marco rubio speaking out about the president's foreign policy. >> instead of shaping world event, he has often simply reacted to them. instead of a foreign policy based on strategy, his foreign policy is based on politics fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on. we cannot let the fans down. don't worry! the united states postal service will get it there on time with priority mail flat rate shipping.
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fox news alert. california chrome had won the 140th kentucky derby. the favorite this morning and he pulled it out and congratulations to its 77-year-old trainer, art sherman. his first training session, if you will, when he was 18 years old. california chrome, the winner of the kentucky derby. we have another fox news alert. the nba now saying it will appoint a chief executive officer to supervise the los angeles clippers. on tuesday, nba commissioner adam silver banned clippers owner donald sterling for life for those racist comments that were heard on those audio recordings. he was also fined $2.5 million and the commissioner urged the league owners to force sterling to sell the team. they are expected to have a vote
3:42 pm
soon. two-thirds of the nba owners have to agree in order for sterling to be ousted. pro-russian protesters attacking more buildings in ukraine today. this brand-new video we're showing you now. just how quickly the violence there is escalating. mobs of masked men attacking the secret service headquarters, among other targets. secretary kerry urging russia to stop back separatists in eastern ukraine. for more on this deadly conflict, we now are joined by general jack keane. hi, general. these pictures are really hard to watch because we had a report and you probably know this -- a reports from leeland vittert earlier who said russia seems to be moving more west, so that means they're expanding their footprint. so let me put that in place and ask you this question: with that in mind, should the u.s. apply ukraine with lethal weapons? are you of the mind that perhaps
3:43 pm
doing so, though, might escalate violence into war? >> the fact of the matter is, our overall policy has been focusing on deescalation as the u.s. government policy and try not to do anything to provoke putin and damage the long-term relationship we have with them. i think that policy has failed, frankly, because the fact that we're avoiding confrontation has given putin the authority to escalate. so what do we see on that tv screen? that's mob violence instigated by special operations forces and intel forces that belong to russia and to putin and what this campaign is about is one of intimidation, trying to force the kiev government to give them much needed concessions that they want. don't integrate with the european union and certainly not nato and also provide autonomy
3:44 pm
overt russian-speaking provinces in eastern and southern ukraine. that's what this intimidation campaign is about. >> so i want to be clear, did you say that at this juncture, it is okay to provide lethal weapons and also let me ask you as well, what about maybe just the u.s. training ukrainian forces? >> i think -- i didn't answer your question, i apologize for that. >> eye always get back to it. i'll always get back to it. >> good for you. the fact of the matter is that we should arm therm with lethal weapons. i think it's a disgrace that their president came here and went home empty handed and i believe we should bring trainers in with them. this feeling that we can never put boots on the ground is a terrible way to execute foreign policy and national security interests. we can put trainers in there and help them gain the skill sets they have. in and of itself it would not be decisive, but there is a psychological impact on russia knowing that the united states is militarily aiding the
3:45 pm
ukrainians and assisting them with the training. i do believe it would make a difference. >> so what is putin's next move? is he going to react rather than continue with more aggression? is he going to see exactly what happens with the u.s. and european union and nato allies? >> i don't think we know for sure, but let's look at the facts. he knows that the sanctions have been feeble and feckless and hardly had any impact on him. his economy has huge problems having nothing to do with the sanctions that ourselves and the europeans are imposing. >> wait a minute. you're saying the sanctions didn't affect his economy at all? >> no, i didn't say that. i said they vaunts had decisive effect. the problem with the ruble devaluation and the recession this last quarter and probably next doesn't have anything to do with this crisis. these are deep-seeded problems that russia has. i'm not suggesting that the
3:46 pm
sanctions don't have some impact. after all, these sanctions are only on individuals and one single bank. if we impose sanctions on sector s, defense sector, energy sector and most significantly, financial and banking sector, that would truly take its toll. i think it's something we should have done at the outset to curb his behavior. what's in front of him, i think is the intimidation campaign continuing and if the ukrainians were somehow successful at being able to oust his special operation forces from these buildings they're holding, then he would consider crossing the border. i don't think he'll cross the border until those elections are held and he's able to manipulate that new government. those elections will take place on may 25. >> right. quickly, can you answer this question concisely, which is what is putin's achille's heel? >> it is his economy. >> okay. >> and also the support he would
3:47 pm
eventually have from his own people as a result of his authoritarian rule and the economy. right now he's got a lot of popularity. >> he does. he does. well, we'll see if further sanctions have an effect to really curtail and deescalate what has really become an almost out of control chaotic situation there. general keane, thank you very much for your insight. >> good talking to you. >> same here. for a change of pace, wireless speakers let you keep the music going in every room of your house. but which ones hit the right note? see this? behind door number one, door number three. "consumer reports" will be here to give them to the test when you sat down to dinner with anticipation, not hesitation.
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the most popular wireless systems. and they are here. jim wilcox is here. >> hey, jim, this is perfect. everybody is entertaining and having parties in the deck or house. and we love the wireless speaker situation. there is three that perform. we'll start with this one. sonus has different devices. it is the affordable one and that is only $200. some of the spoke ares have been expensive and so oven though it is less expensive you are not giving up much. >> this can still connect and do multiple rooms? >> it can or in a stereo. or a subwoofer and sound bar and multichannel.
3:53 pm
>> and go up to 32 rooms? >> yes. >> don't assume. i am just kidding. and when you have the app that connects the speakers together. hit one button and play everywhere. >> connect them to the wi- fi network and use the app to control everything. >> what about this one? >> this is a boze. >> this is a different model. they are trying to do what sona s. we felt it in the midrange and the base was boomy and it is a good one. it reacts for the different sound quality that you see. if you want to pair it to other speakers you don't have to pair
3:54 pm
it with the operational hub. >> this is for the bose 4,000. >> this is sound edge. and this has blue tooth in it as well. you can connect from your phone or tablet. and so many people have all of the music on the portable device. and you can switch and it locks nicer upright like that. >> and it has blue tooth and you are on the patio you can play the music from outside to the computer. >> it just has to be plugged n. >> this one is 350 or 330. >> this is 350. and good. and so why are those becoming so popular? a lot of people are using these
3:55 pm
in the home instead of the bigger and massive sound systems although they are lovely but some are opting for this. >> sound quality is good. you are not trading off huge amounts and you used to have to have a contractor and running wires through and putting speakers. >> i am a wire goichlt old wires and how do you get in the 21st century? >> buy one of these. >> easy. >> listen, guys, i thank you and jim wilcox i invite you to my mansion to the next party. just letting you know. and we appropriate consumer reports bringing it down. >> vuit in the magazine. >> very depend and this is a chalk full saturday. it continues on fox news. molly line is in on the fox report. >> having a lot to talk about. >> what time tomorrow?
3:56 pm
>> i start at 10 o'clock with maria. and i will see you at 12. >> and then at 3:30. we'll see you tomorrow. enjoy your saturday evening.
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this is the fox report. tonight former secretary of state condeleeza rice deciding not to dhifr a commencement address to thousands of college grads and the white house playing defense. a year and half after the terror attack that left four americans dead house speaker john boehner appointing a special committee to uncover the truth about what happened that night and how the white house responded and an american war veteran sitting in a mexican jail for a terrible mistake and now concerns for his